Wrap Snack

I have invented a new snack or fast-food. Someone should do a food-truck or themed restaurant around this concept.

The idea came from:
– an obsession with using up left-overs and little bits of this and that in the fridge (from where the Sunday night pizza tradition comes)
– my local supermarket selling good quality wraps

You need a non-stick frying pan with a tight fitting lid just the right size.

– Put your wrap into the (cold) frying pan.
– Add your topping (see below)
– Cover and heat for a minute on a high heat then put the heat right down, do not open the lid and do not heat on a high heat for too long or your wrap will burn underneath.
– Cook for two or three minutes

The secret is not to put too much topping, the wrap crust underneath has to get crispy not burnt and the ingredients on top should be cooked so if you are really hungry make two – too much topping won’t work.
For a more substantial snack, you can add an egg. In this case put your ingredients around in a circle and break the egg in the middle so it doesn’t go walkies.
Suggested toppings (which I have tried) but you can invent your own, which is the whole point of this concept:
– Ham and blue cheese
– Smoked salmon, horseradish, sour cream and lemon wedges
– Cooked spinach leaves and feta cheese
– left-over Chili con Carne with parmesan
– just a little tomato sauce, mozzarella and anchovies (classic pizza)
– chopped tomato, goats cheese with a dribble of runny honey
– cooked chicken bits with smokey barbecue sauce or (better) Caribbean Jerk sauce