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Thu, 03 Oct 2013

Mushroom time again

It's that time of year when we have mushrooms in abundance. The "cepe" mushrooms are the most sought after and people can actually be seen fighting in the woods to defend their "patch".

A few years ago someone set up a mushroom canning business in a camper van parked in the woods herby. They were actually sterilizing and preserving the ceps in cans and jars on site and then selling them for a fortune in the city. A pitch battle broke out between these "intruders" and a gang of locals and the police had to intervene. Sadly no-one had really broken any laws, so they all got off with the most expensive illegal parking fine the police could conjure up.

As I have said here in the past, we love the black trompette mushrooms. I made a pizza with them.

- Make a pizza base, let it rest for a while to make it elastic
- Roll out the dough very thin
- Put on some tomato sauce (home-made of course)
- Put of some mozzarella cheese (buffalo of course)
- Put on three rashers of bacon (smoky of course)
- Put on some "trompette" Horn of Plenty mushrooms (fresh of course, if you are using dried ones, which is okay, first let them soak for a while in warm water)
- Cook in a hot oven until ready

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