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Wed, 05 Jun 2013

Crispy pork chops with oven chips

This is a variation on my mother's crispy pork chops recipe.
I've actually tried this with both pork and lamb chops. Enjoy!

- Heat some duck fat in an oven proof tray. When sizzling put in some potatoes cut into chip size pieces
- Brush the chops with plenty of mild mustard
- Grind a mixture of walnuts and a little breadcrumbs, add a little salt
- Coat the mustardy chops with the nut mixture
- When the oven chips are just starting to become golden you may need to turn them over from time to time), place the chops next to them in the oven tray or separately in a lightly greased oven proof dish
- Cook in a hot oven until the chops become a nice golden color and the chips and nicely brown.

I suppose you could call this recipe chips and chops!

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