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Sun, 03 Mar 2013

Smoked Salmon Mousse starter

- Put some leaves of gelatine to soak in cold water or, if using powdered gelatine or veggie jelly (various brands out there), follow instructions on the packet.
- Finely slice a carrot and boil for a few minutes (the carrots should still be a little crunchy).
- Make some mayonnaise (or use some ready-made) and mix it with a little tomato ketchup and a little horseradish sauce (or tabasco if you want more of a kick).
- Melt the gelatine in a small amount of hot water, allow to cool a little.
- Add the cooled gelatin mixture to the pink mayonnaise and add some fromage blanc (you could also use cream). Line the bottom of some ramekin moulds with a little of the mixture.
- Assemble the ramekins in layers of smoked salmon, cooked carrots, and mayonnaise mixture.
- Place in the fridge to set.
- To serve, place the ramekins into a little hot water to slightly melt the set gelatine and then turn out onto the plates.
You could also use cucumber slices in this recipe.

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