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Sun, 06 Jan 2013

Easy Sunday Lunch starter

- Grate some carrots and celeriac.
- Mix the grated vegetables with lemon juice, mustard, some raisins, a few chopped walnuts and olive oil. Season well.
- Mix some plain yoghurt with some soft cheese, I used fresh goats cheese but cottage cheese or similar will also work.
- Mix in a lot of finely chopped dill.
- Roll yoghurt mixture in a slice of smoked salmon. Secure with a cocktail stick if necessary. - Serve with little mounds of the carrot and celeriac salad

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Pot Roast Chicken

This started out as Garlic Chicken (click here for recipe) but then I realized I didn't have enough garlic

- Thinly slice some potatoes.
- Place two or three chopped onions in a pot with some olive oil. Place the sliced potatoes on top and towards the edges so that there is enough room for the chicken. Add some chopped garlic (if you have got any).
- Lay the chicken onto its potato and onion bed and place the open pot in a hot oven for 10 minutes to brown the top of the chicken.
- Stuff fresh tarragon all around the chicken. Add a little white wine stock. Season well.
- Cover tightly and put back into a moderate oven for an hour or until cooked.

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