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Sat, 29 Dec 2012

Indian grilled chicken

This was totally improvised.

- Take the skin off some chicken legs and thighs.
- Toss the chicken pieces in a mixture of curry powder and flour.
- Brush with an egg.
- Toss in a mixture of breadcrumbs and polenta.
- Cook in the oven until golden brown.
Meanwhile, make a spinach curry:
- Fry some chopped onions in ghee.
- Make a paste with freshly ground spices added to fresh ginger, garlic and chili.
- Add to the onions, stir well and add a large bunch of fresh spinach leaves, stir over a low heat until the leaves begin to wilt.
- Stir in a little fresh cream or yoghurt and cover to cook through.
I served the chicken on a bed of spinach curry and topped with some yoghurt mixed with a little curry paste. A sprinkling of chopped nuts to garnish.

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