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Thu, 18 Oct 2012

Chard from the garden

Very successful crop of chard from the garden this year. This wonderful vegetable is sometimes known as "Swiss Chard" and goes under the latin name Beta Vulgaris from which its French name of "Bettes" is derived.

You can eat the leaves and the stalks. I made the following tart with just the leaves:
- fry some onions and the chopped chard leaves, lower the heat and cook for 10 minutes. - roll out a pastry base and line the pie tin. Prick pastry with a fork and heat oven to 200°.
- whisk together two eggs, some milk, some cream and a little cornflour. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg.
- Place the cooked chard on the pastry, add some pine kernels, a pinch of cumin seeds, and pour over egg mixture. Cover with grated cheese.
- Cook in the oven for 30 minutes.

The tastiest way to prepare the white stalks is to steam them for 20 minutes and then finish them off in a hot oven covered with a cheesy bechamel sauce.

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