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Sat, 29 Sep 2012

Mrs Robinson's Birthday Extravaganza

A lot of people for dinner again:

Mise en bouche - appetizer - Spicy pea soup with fresh goats cheese and toast

Main course - Indian and Indonesian Curry Tiffin buffet

Saag Gosht
A medium hot lamb curry cooked with freshly ground spices, tomatoes, spinach and yoghurt with grilled almonds. North Indian speciality

Kaeng Khieu Wan Kai (Thai Green Curry)
Chicken and vegetables cooked in coconut milk and basil. Extremely spicy and guaranteed to transform any night into an unforgettable event (just don't ask why!)

Coral lentils cooked to a purée with fresh chillies. Typical daily dish eaten throughout the Indian sub-continent, medium spicy stodge designed to prepare the stomach for the gastronomic onslaught to come

Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice and vegetables cooked with spices, eggs, herbs and nuts. A variation of the traditional dish prepared for weddings and feasts through Southern Asia. Essential for calming down the ardour evoked by the other dishes.

Indonesian beef salad
Grilled beef marinated in lime, fish sauce, spices and fresh herbs. Extremely spicy but nevertheless an excellent antidote for cooling down the passion evoked by the previous dish. Separate bedrooms should still be kept as an option and recommended emergency backup plan.

Gado Gado
Cucumber and cooked vegetables in a salad with peanut sauce. Misleadingly cool and refreshing as the delayed action peanut chillie dressing bites into your taste buds and explodes into an unforgettable orgasmic experience.

Condiments (home-made) (well mostly) -
- Lime Pickles
- Fresh Banana and coconut Chutney
- Cucumber Raita
- Fig Chutney
- Green tomato Chutney
- Fresh tomato, coriander and onion Chutney

Green salad

Musical interlude

Verrines with fruit compote and chocolate Birthday cake

Musical interlude

Cheese platter


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