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Sat, 11 Feb 2012

Pad Thai noodles

This is a dead easy Thai fried noodles dish and quite delicious. Contributed by the lovely Laure Martin.
You do need some special ingredients but these can all be found in most oriental food shops.
- First make some Pad Thai sauce, you can actually buy this ready-made but if you want to make it yourself just mix some tamarind paste (or lime juice if you can't find it), crushed chilli pepper, some fresh ginger, brown sugar, Thai fish sauce, sweet soy sauce and a little lemon grass in an electric mixer (use the soft centre of the lemon grass, not the hard outer skin).
- Put some rice noodles to soak in some hot water, for 10 minutes or more, do not cook them.
- Fry some shredded chicken and chopped spring onions in a wok.
- Add some cooked baby peeled shrimp, some beansprouts, the Pad Thai sauce and the drained noodles.
- Cook through tossing the wok constantly.
- Serve decorated with crushed peanuts and fresh coriander.

There are many variations of this dish, adding whole large shrimps and tofu to the stir fry is the most frequently seen version. You can also add some eggs to the wok to make some scrambled eggs before adding the noodles and the beansroouts.

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