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Tue, 27 Dec 2011

Brussel Sprouts

I've been cooking brussel sprouts like this for years and I was shocked to see Jamie Oliver cooking them in a similar way, as shown on his recent Christmas Special on British television. I wonder now where this recipe actually came from.

To be fair to Jamie, our recipes do differ slightly - he adds an enormous amount of Worcestershire sauce at the end, where I added Chili and Mango hot sauce from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (or cream for a milder dish - see 3rd November 2011 post). Otherwise the recipes are identical and it is an ideal way to cook sprouts without going to the bother of trimming them and making a cross in the stem so they cook through properly when boiled or steamed in the traditional way.

- Clean the sprouts and take off the dirty outer leaves
- Shred in a kitchen robot machine or slice very finely
- Fry some chopped smoky bacon in a little olive oil and butter until crispy
- Add chopped sprouts and a little water and cover for 5 minutes
- Add some hot sauce (or in Jamie's version a lot of Worcestershire sauce and some chopped herbs, especially sage if available). No need for salt as the seasoning comes from the bacon.

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