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Sat, 10 Dec 2011

The perfect fried egg

There is a plan to build 5 chicken factory farms within 15kms around where I live.
There are 24 chickens per square metre, they only live for 37 days and are mostly fed on genetically modified soya imported from Brazil. They don't even get a chance to walk!
A multinational chicken company, selling mainly to fast food chains and the like, forces farmers to take out loans to pay for these concentration chicken camps and in return they promise to purchase a huge amount of chickens every month.
If ever there is a problem and minimum delivery amount (720,000 chickens per year!) are not respected, the farmer gets dumped and loses everything.
As the multinational food company transforms the genetically modified fed chickens into bits, they actually sell the meat from these poor animals for more per chicken than quality tasty free-range chickens that the farmers could be rearing, thereby making huge profits for zero risk.
Furthermore, 350 trucks per year are required PER FACTORY to come and pick up these poor chickens and drive them across the country (and Europe in some cases) to the factory where they are processed.
Go here for more details: www.bienvivredanslegers.org/

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