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Sat, 19 Nov 2011


I don't normally do desserts, but my faithful and talented assistant invents things like this in two minutes.

- Whip some sugar, thick cream and fromage blanc together. The fromage blanc (or fromage frais) makes the whole thing much lighter.
- Cook some raspberries, a chopped pear and blueberries together with a little sugar for 5 minutes.
- Crush some biscuits in a plastic bag, use a rolling pin. The very best biscuits for this are Speculos, cinnamon biscuits from Belgium, but ginger nuts or any spicy biscuits will do.
- In individual verrines or glasses assemble layers of crushed biscuits, the stewed fruit and the cream mixture.
- Decorate with fresh fruit and anything else you can lay your hands on (see photo with "chocolate cigars").

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