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Thu, 19 May 2011

El Portalet

We went to El Portalet in Bossòst again.

Beef with cèpe mushrooms, quinoa, roquette, roast potato and caramel mustard

Veal cheek with broccoli, black beer, horn of plenty mushrooms, pinapple, fennel and thyme

Gambas and codfish tartar with baby beans, black olives and tomato bread

Turbot with pigs trotter, sea snails and mango

Marinated Presa with asparagus, pistachios, apple and parmesan ice cream

Goose rillettes, black garlic, smoked eel, fennel salad, pineapple and rhubarb

Duck roll with mushrooms, foie-gras, crispy nuts and maple syrup

Raspberries and pistachios with hibiscus, vanilla and yoghurt cream

Soft and crispy chocolate with coconut and cereals, salty praline and apricot sorbet

Peach fritter with almonds, passion fruit, and maize-curry ice cream

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