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Thu, 31 Mar 2011

West Indian cuisine

Research for the cookbook is coming along just great. I thought maybe some of you would like a fore taste
First the coleslaw:
- Shred white cabbage, onions, lettuce and carrots
- Make the salad sauce with lime juice, honey, mustard, olive oil and mayonnaise (out of a jar)
- decorate with slices of mango

Dolphin fish is not dolphin, it's a big fish with a green/yellow underbelly and a flat head
- bone the fish and cut into thick chunks
- fry the chunks
- when browned add some West Indian curry powder, some chili sauce and some tomato sauce, cover to cook through
- pour rum into the pan and set fire to the whole thing
- serve with mashed potato mixed with mashed edoe (if you can find some) shaped into the form of a volcano, pour a little of the tomato sauce into the cone like lava.

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