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Thu, 09 Oct 2008

Roghan Josh

Finally getting around to posting some more of my recipes, here is a classic Indian curry which I mentioned in a previous post last year

The secret with all Indian curries is to freshly grind all your spices.
For this recipe I used cardomone, cinnamon, cloves, chilli peppers, cumin seeds and poppy seeds ground up and then made into a paste with some garlic cloves and fresh ginger.
- fry some onions in a wok (or large pan)
- add some diced lamb, I use a saddle or shoulder for this, a leg of lamb is also good but more expensive of course. Brown the meat
- Add the spice paste and coat all the ingredients well, avoid that the spice burn so lower the heat
- Add some chopped tomatoes then slowly stir in some natural yoghurt
- Cook on a low heat for 45 minutes or more, until the lamb is tender
- Serve on a bed of rice and garnish with plenty of fresh coriander

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