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Sat, 01 Mar 2008

Back from my travels

I'm back.

I've been in America, well Los Angeles for a while but then Maui. Hung out with my friends Branscombe Richmond and Mick Fleetwood. Strange place though, its America under the tropics. It was whale mating season, whales jumping just near the beach and turtles swimming everywhere too. Terrible traffic and they drive very badly, saw 4 road accidents, a couple of bad ones.

Anyway coming through Atlanta on my way back to Paris, I see my Paris flight on the departure board and just underneath it there was a Delta airlines flight to Barbados. Can I change my ticket? Yes sir, $480 return, I just couldn't refuse and here I am in Barbados waiting to get the little plane to Bequia in de mornin'.

Bequia is of course where all this began and I'm pleased to go back, although many problems await me there, land tax, neighbour building house of the road up to my land, expired passport to be renewed. But this is the West Indies....

...More soon

posted on: 01/03/2008 at 10:35 in category: [/travel] with permanent link

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