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Sat, 04 Aug 2007

Broccoli and Beef in Oyster sauce

- steam some broccoli heads for just a few minutes
- fry an onion (chopped) in a wok
- add some very finely chopped fillet steak and brown
- add parboiled broccili
- add some chili pepper, ginger and ground coriander seeds
- add some soy sauce and oyster sauce and continue until everything is cooked through (if the wok is as hot as it should be this is just a minute or two)

Meanwhile it's hot down here, 5 days of village party starting tomorrow terminating in the middle of next week with a horse race where we can actually place bets, activity which funnily enough is becoming rather a hobby of mine, so far I am ahead of the game financially but how long will it last?

Back on the subject of cooking, the local pizza shop installed a real pizza oven from Italy, they even drove all the way here from Italy to install it. The marinated ostrich meat and foie gras pizza is especially memorable, but more of pizzas in a future post (passionate topic close to my heart).

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