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Sat, 14 Apr 2007


No posts for a while, too many things to do since my return from America. I've been in Italy twice (which is rather nice actually), met some interesting people, reading a fabulous book (80 men to save the planet or something like that, it's in French "80 Hommes pour changer le monde"). My novel is even progressing although I have not posted the adbriged version yet (available here).

I was in Paris several times and I even visited Chinatown for the first time. Amazing food of course but the supermarket was incredible. I bought a basket full of spices, chinese sauces, rice, soy sauce, rice vinegar, etc. (all the usual essentials for any respecting chef) and the whole thing came to 10 euros something, so cheap. I had to get the girl at the cashdesk to give me the price 4 times (I couldn't understand a word she said, maybe she was speaking Chinese or Vietnamese).

Easter has come and gone and the fine weather is here. I got the bread oven working the other Sunday and we had amazing roast beef. We had the local egg festival which included the world egg throwing competition

In a similar vein, here is a postcard received from my fan (actually my mailbox indicates I have a few more fans now, but more of that in a later post) - we are launching the world's worst postcard competition. Contributions can be submitted online to a website which I will soon set up, we are currently debating an appropriate name.

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