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Sun, 04 Mar 2007

My travels in America and lunar eclipse

I been on my travels again: Paris, of course, but also Atlanta Georgia. The place is just like one huge suburb that never stops, the people are nice, the food copious and the coffee dreadful.
I encountered some interesting recipes. The young spinach leaf salad with bits of bacon and strawberries (yes the fruit) worked surprising well and the sweet potato fries were memorable.

To completely change the subject, we religiously followed the instructions in the magic stone book and regenerated our stones last night when there was the full moon. For those who haven't read the magik stone saga click here.
Anyway there is a fucking lunar eclipse, the full moon sort of went brown (dirty planet earth getting in the way) and disappeared. I hope this does not have a negative effect on the stones which had been soaking in salt for a day and, according to the book, should be dried in the moonlight.

To completely change the subject once again, here is a slightly better photo of the rabbit recipe.

This coming week it looks like Milano and Venice and I have a super new laptop MacBook so I'll be posting new recipes and recitals from Italy.

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